Carmona villagers accuse hotel guests, staffs of disturbing the peace

12 Sep 2017 05:13 PM

Carmona Villagers backed by the panchayat body on Monday gave an ultimatum to the management of Verda resort to face revocation of its trade license if they do not keep a control over their guests and hotel staff.

The license is due for renewal this month. Villagers held a meeting with resort management to convey their grievances. 

During the meeting with the management of the resort, villagers complained that hotel guests buy alcohol from the open market and consume it outside the hotel and also urinate in the open.

They complained that even their children cannot be sent out with their cycles as the resort staff drive rashly.

Officiating sarpanch of Carmona panchayat, Savita Mascarenhas, said that the panchayat will look into the legal aspect of the approvals given to the project.

Reporter: Sandeep Tuenkar | Desk: Clinton Dsouza | Editing: Jaidatt Dessai

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