Can Goan roads become safe before monsoons lash the state?

23 May 2023 07:02 PM

Last night’s sudden shower and gusting winds have made citizens across the state, especially Panjim, anxious. Panjim which is currently facing a nightmare with the smart city project is only one heavy shower away from flooding.

The smart city project has become a testament to what bad coordination and planning can do to a city. From roads being closed off for months on end, to sewage flowing onto roads and into homes,

the smart city project is leaving behind a legacy of nightmares for the citizens of the capital. While the PWD plays a small role in the project, Minister Nilesh Cabral has taken some responsibility for the mess. 

While Panjim having an outdated drainage system is indeed a fact, the question remains as to how work was undertaken without first studying the landscape.

Panjim however, isn’t the only city with bad roads. Most roads in the state have been dug up to lay underground power lines. While the pothole issue has largely been solved,

the issue of roads being narrowed and dug up to lay these power lines, that too right before monsoons, has made citizens wary of the dangers to come. This is what the PWD minister had to say about the issue.

Interesting to note however was the answer the minister gave to the media when asked why roads were dug every few months. 

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