Anti Coal Stir: Locals object to SBI giving Adani loan for Coal, threaten to withdraw savings

20 Nov 2020 04:41 PM

The agitation against coal shows no signs of abating. The pressure has been spearheaded by NGOs and supported by political parties across the spectrum including sections of the BJP.

Goayant Kolso Naka agitation continues in the state, but yet the work for these project continues. On Friday, NGO Goyant Kolso Naka protested outside the SBI bank demanding SBI bank stop the process of giving Adani a loan for its coal project. Local even threatened to withdraw all their savings from SBI if this loan is passed.

The Cuncolim BJP MLA met the railway officer at Cuncolim and demanded that the transportation of Coal be stopped. Some of the people also alleged that the work of double tracking is still ongoing. Why is the Government going against the people demands on Coal and double tracking?.

All MLAs are elected by the people but today people are being sidelined, Nationalist Congress Party alleged on Friday. NCP leaders also urged all MLAs to support peoples agitation and scrap these projects, Double tracking is because of Coal. The BP is seeking to communally polarise the state using this peoples agitation. This is an old BJP trick, Goa Forward Supremo Vijai Sardesai said.

Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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