Is the SIT serving its purpose of tackling land-grabbing cases? Margao victims say no

23 May 2023 07:20 PM

The SIT formed to tackle land grabbing in the state seems to serve no purpose. People being fleeced of their own land are forced to run from pillar to post as the SIT is reportedly pushing the cases onto local police stations,

who lack the expertise to solve such cases. In some cases, complainants themselves are compelled to furnish evidence.  Here’s one such example from Margao.

Locals from Margao have come out in considerable numbers against the failure of the SIT to handle land-grabbing cases. Locals have charged a man, for cheating several people off their lands, alleging that the man has the blessings of politicians.

A reason for him not being arrested yet, they further alleged. Fed-up with the slow and unfruitful relationship with police, the complainants raised a ruckus with the South Goa SP Abhishek Dhania, who later promised to put the issue into place by 2nd June. 

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