No IIT foundation stone at Melaulim, drop all cases against villagers, says Vishwajit as protests mount

बुन्यादी फातरय बसोवंक दिवचो ना; केशी फाटी घे : विश्वजीताचें मुख्यमंत्र्याक पत्र

12 Jan 2021 04:39 PM

Its a massive u turn.. Already on the back foot on the IIT ptroject at Melaulim, Health Minister and Local MLA Vishwajit Rane on Tueday said - Forget about demarcation, I won't allow anyone to lay the foundation stone while I am in politics. If people don't want the IIT in my constituency, I also don't want it. I have conveyed my thoughts to Chief Minister in a letter. Vishwajit also said that he had also requested Chief Minister to withdraw all the cases against villagers and act against the cops who assaulted the villagers even as 14 more villages stepped up to support the agitation.

Sattari strongmen Vishwajit was finally made to eat crow. He has given up on the proposed IIT project at Melaulim after his initial defiance. Now, the ball is government's court. All eyes are on what government will do on the cases filed against protesters, transferring of police men who stepped on women. Watch the request made by Vishwajit to Chief Minister.

Melaulikars have shown what is called as democracy, people say. Villagers said they won't allow to Melauli to become another Saleli. They have called for unity along with peace. At first Vishwajit was adamant on bringing IIT to Melauli. Melaulikar had not backed down even after governemnt pressures. The youth force had given a 10-day deadline to the government to scrap this project. However, Chief Minister was playing same tape - IIT will come at Sattari.

Now, 14 villages have backed the agitation of the Melauli villagers. First it were the villagers of Mauxi and Dhamshe. Now the villagers of Velguem, Sawadde, Karmali, Saleli, Tar, Cudshe, Kuthmal, Caranzol, Kamarkhan, Poriem, Khetode, Korgao have extended the support to agitation.  

Reporter: Mahesh Govekar | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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