Are Saxtti politicians playing football of Kabrastan?

राजकी कर्मकांडांत आडखलां मडगांवचें कब्रस्तान! : अब्दुल करोल

12 Feb 2020 09:14 PM

Issue of Kabrastan is still hanging in the court of law. Madgao municipality has asked the court to grant them one month to provide details of Kabrastan.

 Next hearing would be held on 9th March. But the hearing has brought to light how Muslim community of Madgao has been made a football by the politicians.

The demand for Kabrastan was made in 1980, almost 40 years back. But the Assembly passed a resolution in this regard only in 1999, after which land in Aquem was acquired, during Luizinho Faleiro’s tenure.

Then came Digambar Kamat as the CM while the work of Kabrastan had not gone ahead. Then new land was acquired at Sonsodo in 2011. But even after job order was passed at the directives of National Minority Commission. Now again new land is identified. Watch this whole irony of Kabrastan from Abdul Karol.

The high court is presently hearing the petition which petitioner Shaikh Manzoor Kadri is personally arguing. He has demanded burial grounds and crematoriums for all the communities all over Goa. 

Desk: Jawahar Barve | Camera: Irshad Shaikh

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