When will Huskini bandh to Navelim highway work restart? Cabral says… || GOA365

25 Jan 2023 07:17 PM

The hazardous NH 17 highway from Navelim to Huskini bandh has been witness to several accidents, some even fatal. PWD minister Nilesh Cabral however, has finally taken cognizance of the issue and has assured that work along the highway would be restarted soon. How soon? Nobody knows.

 Work on the NH 17 road from Navelim To Huskini band Cuncolim will be restarted soon, PWD minister Nilesh Cabral said on Wednesday.

Cabral said that the NH17 road from Navelim to Huskini band is narrow due to which accidents have been occurring here frequently further adding that the PWD has sent notices to the roadside houses and shop owners for widening the road. Should people have any objection to the project, then they can file their objection within 21 days to the Panjim PWD office.

Locals, however, clearly indicated an objection to widening of the road by demolishing properties along the road. They further demanded that the filing of objections be accepted at the Margao PWD office rather than Panjim. 

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