Locals still not convinced of govt formalin checking ability

सरकाराच्या फॉर्मेलीन तपास यंत्रणेर लोकांचो विश्वास ना

12 Nov 2018 08:08 PM

The formalin in fish issue refuses to die down as more and more lacunae in the checking seem to be popping up.

The government has decided to crack down on fish coming into the state and banned it.

An artificial shortage has been created in the market. Prices of fish have doubled.

But now locals have come to Goa 365 with evidence videos to show that fish is being taken out of the state through the Canacona border in open vehicles. And this is fish that Goans eat.      

Police say that they cannot stop these vehicles as gates are broken.

They also told the locals that they do not know the rules and no instructions have come to them on any of this.

Locals allege that FDA not willing to listen to their complaints. People and even opposition have been demanding that fish export be stopped.

At least of locally edible fish. But authorities say that most fish exported is not consumed by locals. This proves to the contrary. 

Reporter: Bureau | Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Viraj Kamat

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