Cyclone shelters can be used for weddings: Cortalim MLA || ENGLISH || GOA365

02 Mar 2023 07:37 PM

Having experienced cyclone Tauktae in 2021, the need for strengthening the state’s disaster response, became apparent. 2 years hence and Goa is now ready with 38 early warning towers and 11 cyclone shelters.

This afternoon, 2 shelters worth over 4 crores, were inaugurated in Cortalim. However, it looks like these shelters might be put to more use than just sheltering people during a cyclone.

Of the 11 cyclone shelters constructed under the Disaster Management Project, 2 were inaugurated in Cortalim today. And while the infra is meant to strengthen the state’s disaster response, Cortalim MLA Anton Vas seems to have other plans. At the inauguration of the shelters, Vas informed that the shelters could even be used as halls for weddings and birthday events. Listen.

The Rs 119 crore worth Disaster Management infrastructure work partially funded by World Bank, that commenced in 2019 has been completed.

The 38 early warning towers will alert the public through sirens and high beam lights about disasters of various types well in advance. The 11 multipurpose cyclone shelters can accommodate upto 500 people each and are resilient to various types of disasters including earthquakes of 9 Richter scale magnitudes.

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