Why not legalise Matka when young boys & girls playing it all over Goa? Asks Michael

युवा-युवती मटको लायतात जाल्यार तो कायदेशीर कित्याक करचो न्हू? : प्रस्न मायकलाचो!

20 Feb 2020 06:57 PM

BJP Minister Michael Lobo has stuck to his guns over legalizing matka gambling. Because young boys and girls are playing it all over Goa. But not drug trade or prostitution. He blames Congress for getting casinos in Goa, but also clarifies that his government is not in favour of shutting it down.

When Goa365 showed Michael speaking about legalizing matka as well as getting more casinos to generate revenue as well as employment, netizens on social media came down heavily on him.

In this background, he spoke little more about casinos.

Michael also felt that matka gambling is a reality and people criticizing him should realize this.

He also roped in all his politician colleagues in his support.

Reporter: Sandeep Kamulkar | Desk: Bureau

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