Ship won’t crack as MPT claims, naphtha to be out in 15 days: CM

एमपीटी म्हणटा ते प्रमाण बोट फुटपा ना, 15 दिसां भितर काडटले नाफ्ता : मुख्यमंत्री

12 Nov 2019 08:41 PM

Goa government continues denying the claim made by MPT in the court that the grounded ship could break and naphtha may leak out. All is well, claims Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant.

He is still expecting the tender of Singapore agency to be finalized by Wednesday and naphtha to be pumped out in next 15 days.

 The chief minister said that quotes from two Singaporean companies might be finalized on Tuesday evening. And once it is finalised it would take 15 days to empty naptha from vessel. He also says that he is convening meeting after meeting with MPT. And high level officers of DG Shipping are monitoring the ship and naptha tanks are safe. 


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