Make HSRP any time in 5 years, also book online

उच्च सुरक्षा क्रमांक प्लेटी बसोवपाक आनीक 5 वर्सांची मुजत

25 Nov 2019 06:09 PM

There is a good news for all the vehicle owners who have to install High Security Registration Plates plates. No need to rush. You have five years to do it.

Also, no need to go to the office for booking.

You can do booking as well payment online. And new fitting centres would be opened in Mapusa and Quepem.

After mad rush on allotted dates as per the number series and total confusion, transport department has made the whole process now customer-friendly.

Officials of the contractor Real Mazon made a presentation about these features in the presence of Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho on Monday.

You can now also book online and go to fix your number plate only when you get time and date through SMS. They also clarified doubts about the HSRP security.

Transport Minister Mauvin Godhino said two new centres would be opened in Quepem and Mapusa. He also clarified about security measures.

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