Hiked fines for traffic violations from Jan, Zuari road to have CCTVs

25 Nov 2019 02:54 PM

Transport department has decided to go tough. More CCTV cameras on both sides of Zuari bridge in two weeks, modern interceptor vehicles to identify all kind of traffic violations and new rates of fines on the lines of Gujarat from New Year.

Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho on Monday briefed the media in this regard.

He said Goa government will follow Gujarat model with reduced amount of fines, but not for traffic violations like drunken driving or driving without licence, which attract heavy fines like 10 thousand rupees.

Mauvin is also upset on drivers creating traffic jam on Kuthali and Agshi side of Zuari bridge by breaking single lane.

He has ordered his officials to install more CCTV cameras, identify vehicles jumping lanes and post them challans.

He is also getting modern interceptor vehicles which can catch all kind of traffic violations.  

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