Finance committee meeting: BJP asks for 1300 cr; Cong 1200cr, GF 6000 for mining only

23 Jan 2020 08:28 PM

Political parties demands on meeting the 15 Finance commission were basically the same. Money for Mining, solid waste management and other varied reasons. But their quantum of funds was different. The BJP asked for 1200 crore rupees out of which 300 crore rupees was for mining, while Goa Forward asked for a whopping 6000 crore rupees only for mining. The Congress came somewhat in between with an overall outlay of 1200 crore rupees.

The fifteenth finance commission is in Goa for three days starting from Thursday. On Thursday they met the panchayats and municipalities. And in the evening they met with industry and then with all the political parties to take their views. On Friday they will be meeting the chief minister.    

Industry and local bodies also put forward their views. Watch 

Vijai also said tha the Finance commission members had commented that the ease of doing business in the state was quite bad. Watch. 

Our chief reporter Glenn Costa with video journalists Irshad Shaikh and Shyam Chari from Dona Paula   

Desk: Glenn Costa

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