08 Feb 2024 08:34 PM

While this year’s budget wasn’t vastly different from the 2023-24 budget, there are some notable additions and allocations. Including that the chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant has maintained the trend of ensuring there is no additional tax burden on the common man.

This year’s budget focus is on improving infrastructure to boost tourism, IT and employment. That being said, a major chunk of the allocation went to the power department – a whopping Rs. 3,099 crores. The next highest allocation was made to the Home Department at Rs. 1226 crores. Here are the highlights of the budget.

Projected Gross Expenditure for FY24-25: Rs. 26,855crore

Estimated income for FY23-24: Rs 25,258crores

Special Financial Assistance received from Center: Rs 750 crore

Assistance expected from Center in 2025-24: Rs 1506 crore

Projected Revenue Surplus for FY24-25:Rs 1,720 crore

Fiscal Deficit for FY24-25 is likely to be Rs 3,149 crore (within FRBM Limits)

Subsidies for agri, housing loans, incentives for renewable energy and rural development likely to rise

Subsidies for FY24-25 estimated at Rs 839.78 crores

Provision of salaries increased keeping in mind increase in D.A

Provision of Rs. 4989.15cr made for salaries

Rs. 2,359cr allocated for expenditure on pensions

Capital outlay estimated at Rs. 6,844.26 crore

GSDP for FY24-25 is estimated to be Rs. 1.2 lakh Crores


Allocation for power dept. A whopping Rs. 3,099 crore

Provision of Rs 2121.86 crore made to health sector; Rs. 1071 crore allocated to GMC

PWD provision increased by 10.75 % for 2024-25 and stands at Rs. 2,976 crore

New Road Improvement & Safety Project gets provision of Rs. 50 crore

Industries dept allocated Rs. 74Cr

Information and technology department allocated Rs. 154Cr

Captain of ports allocated budget of Rs.156Cr

Environment & climate change gets budget provision of Rs. 20Cr

Goa Govt allocates Rs. 259.30Cr to agriculture department:

Women & child welfare dept. gets Rs. 406.70Cr

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