Sanjivanee to start in November: Gawade

13 Aug 2019 06:27 PM

Looks as if the Cooperation Minister Govind Gaude has changed his stand on the Sanjivanee sugar factory. He says that the sugar factory will now start production in November.

Gaude along with officials of Sanjivanee conducted an inspection of the factory and directed them to submit a report within 5 days.

There was unrest among the sugarcane farmers after news that the Sanjivanee sugarcane factory might shut down.

There were also talks that the sugar factory could be closed down.

Cooperation Minister Govind Gawade had said in assembly that it was not possible to start the factory in November.

Govind Gawade has also issued instructions to the officials to penalise farmers who cannot assure Sanjivanee quantity sugarcane.

He also spoke about various issues at the factory asking officials to pull up their socks.

Reporter: Krishna Naik | Desk: Sameep Narvekar | Editing: Bhakti Pai Balgi

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