New bus stand site in Mapusa has become a waste dumping spot

18 Nov 2017 06:45 PM

The new bus stand in Mapusa has raised more questions than it has solved.

The project is pending for a long time, creating confusion among residents and visitors alike.

The area demarcated for the bus stand has become a dumping ground for debris of all sorts.

The project was allotted to Goa Infrastructure Development Corporation limited but it has failed to take off.

For some strange reason, the project lies in a limbo, with indecisiveness written all over it.

Some say the stalemate is because of the tug of war between the Mapusa Municipal Council and the Kadamba Transport Corporation.

Waste is being regularly dumped by trucks and no one has the spine to act against this. 

Posting one or two policemen could have prevented the dumping of waste there.

Why this is being allowed to happen is anybody’s guess.

Vice Chairman of GSIDC Siddarth Kuncolienkar has however assured that the project will be completed soon even though people are reluctant to believe him till the project is completed. 

  Siddarth appears to be perturbed about the garbage dumped at the site and says the civic body should lodge a complaint with police over the rampant dumping of the debris. 

It is strange however that the vice chairman of GSIDC should give a wake-up call to the civic body to stop the dumping of waste.  


Reporter: Sandeep Kamulkar

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