India gears up for a long along border haul as talks stutter

05 Aug 2020 04:54 PM

Even as disengagement talks taking place between India and China falter, our neighbour has deployed 17,000 soldiers, H-6 bomber planes, tanks and armed vehicles in Dualatbeg Oldi and Depsang area of Eastern Ladakh. In response, Indian Forces has deployed four regiments of T-90 tanks. These tanks are deployed from Caracoram patrolling point 1 till Depsang Plains.

The fifth round of commander level talks between China and India took place in Molda. As they were happening, the Chinese Air Force has deployed H-6 bomber jets at Kashgar Air Base. Also the Chinese army has deployed 12 Xiyan JH-7 fighter bomber and J-11 fighter planes. Kashgar is 690 kms away from Pangog lake in east Ladakh.  

Desk: Sushant Gawas

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