Ferry service hit for 2nd consecutive amid dense fog, locals left stranded

17 Jan 2023 06:42 PM

Ferry services were hit once again due to shallow fog for a second consecutive day. Chock a block of vehicles was witnessed at Chorao and Raibander ferry wharves on Tuesday. The incident has made locals think about the promises made by the government for a bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

During the wee hours of Monday vehicles were stuck for four hours as ferries were out of service due to fog. The same situation repeated again on Tuesday. 5 ferries were put out of service today due to the dense fog. Leaving officegoers and students stranded yet again.

People however were left wondering if the proposed bridge at Ribander would remain a dream as the government now gives carrots of solar ferries and ro-ro boats.   

Another way to connect the island to the mainland towards Panaji is the Chorao-Pomburpha ferry. Most of the vehicles were diverted to this route as the Chorao-Ribandar ferry was shut. However,

a massive jam of vehicles was also witnessed here as the wharf is small and with the ferry service unable to cope with the sudden rise in demand. 

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