Bouncer from casino dies: UD registered

12 Jun 2018 08:08 PM

Casinos have been in the news more often than not for all the wrong reasons.

Now the latest: a bouncer, one Mukesh, from one of the casinos apparently drowned.

He was from Delhi and the police have informed his relatives to come down and identify the body.

The Investigating officer was not very forthcoming – maybe because it was a casino related death.

 A case of unnatural death has been registered by the cops. But they say that they are waiting for the relatives to come down and identify the body before the autopsy can be done.

Still on casinos: Looks as if the footpaths are still occupied by the Maharajah casino despite the hue and cry of all and sundry for a couple of days.

And no parking signs do not seem to deter the casino bound passenger carrying vehicles. The cops are turning a blind eye. Do local rules apply to casinos?


Reporter: Glenn Costa | Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Viraj Kamat

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