Violence & Destroyed EVMs, Manipur Set For Repoll In 11 Polling Stations || GOA365

21 Apr 2024 07:14 PM

Manipur is set for repolling in 11 polling stations of the Inner Manipur Lok Sabha constituency on April 22nd. The decision came after the Election Commission declared the previous polls held on April 19th null and void due to various incidents reported during the voting process.

The affected polling stations include booths in the Khurai constituency, along with several others in Imphal East and Imphal West districts. Incidents of firing, intimidation, and destruction of EVMs were reported, raising concerns about the fairness of the elections. The voter turnout was recorded at 72 per cent in the Inner and Outer Manipur constituencies.

The Congress party demanded repolling in 47 polling stations, alleging booth capturing and election rigging. Manipur Congress president K Meghachandra stated that they lodged complaints with the Chief Electoral Officer, seeking repoll in 36 polling stations in Inner Manipur and 11 in Outer Manipur.

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