Congress-AAP Seat-Sharing Discussions Bear Fruit||ENGLISH||GOA365

22 Feb 2024 08:16 PM

The AamAadmi Party and the Congress have reportedly reached a broad agreement to share seats in Delhi, Gujarat, Goa, Chandigarh and Haryana for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, according to some reports. The development indicates that the struggling INDIA bloc, which was formed last year to challenge the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party, may finally be gaining momentum

In Gujarat, the AAP will contest two seats currently held by the BJP, while the Congress will contest Chandigarh’s only seat. In Haryana, the AAP will fight one seat, while in Goa reports suggest the party will withdraw its candidate Captain VenzyViegas from South Goa and hand the seat to the Congress.  As per reports, the AAP and Congress also reached a consensus in Delhi, with AAP contesting 4 seats while Congress fighting on the rest 3 seats. 


Despite reports of AAP withdrawing its candidate Captain VenzyVeigas from the South Goa Lok Sabha seat, the Benaulim MLA expressed confidence that the INDIA bloc partners will finalize his name from the seat. Listen to what he had to say. 

The seat sharing deal between the two parties does not affect Punjab, where the AAP will contest all 13 seats after dominating the 2022 Assembly election. The Congress earlier struck a deal with the Samajwadi Party for 17 of Uttar Pradesh’s 80 seats. This agreement follows the AAP-Congress victory in the Chandigarh mayoral election. 

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