Double murder in Madgao, Hears van also in ‘dead’ly condition

मडगांवां डबल मर्डर ; पुलिसांचे हर्स व्हॅनीची भलायकीय गंभीर!

03 Feb 2020 06:42 PM

A quarrel between four persons led to the brutal murder of two young boys by smashing their heads with stones. Third one is seriously. And police have arrested the fourth one, who committed the murder. Arjun Kajidoni, a driver living in Madel. And this has also brought to light that the hearse van carrying dead bodies is in horrible condition.

Dead bodies of these persons were found behind the income tax office building next to SGPDA market. Arjun apparently attacked all the three by smashing their heads with stones. Ravi and Bhima died. Sunil Sawant was shifted to Hospicio hospital in injured state. IGP has declared award of 25,000 rupees for arresting the killer within 12 hours. The case was cracked by PI Kapil Naik and his team under supervision of Serafin Dias.

And watch this hearse van which carried the dead bodies. Literally in deadly state. Stones are kept on steps and even in the cabin to balance the van. Forget regular servicing, it has been used without any repairs for the quite a long time. Social worker Camilo Barreto through light on this.

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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