Case filed against Mikky; he rubbishes the allegations

13 Mar 2018 09:57 PM

A case has been filed against former tourism minister Mikky Pacheco and three others on Tuesday for threatening and endangering the life of one D’ Silva a Betalbatim local.

The former minister on the other hand accused the local of being a Portuguese citizen and doing business illegally in India. Mikky has been accused of running over the local’s parachute.  

 The complainant has alleged that Mikky drove over a parachute that was lying on the beach and trying to run over his son. And when the complainant’s son went to confront him and his companions, they threatened him and abused him.  

 Mikky told media that there was no truth in the allegation. He said he wanted proof on the video of the offences he has been accused of and that he had gone to the beach to help somebody who was sick.   

Reporter: Sandeep Tuenkar | Desk: Glenn Costa | Editing: Bhakti Pai Balgi

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