Davorlim panchayat wants the right to declare lockdown

23 Jul 2020 03:57 PM

Davorlim-Dicarpale panchayat wants the Directorate of Panchayats to withdraw its circular which states that the panchayats have no right to order lockdown or containment zones in their villages. The panchayat says Covid-19 cases in the village are rapidly rising and require stern measures such as a lockdown.

Davorlim-Dicarpale Panchayat held its meeting on Thursday to discuss the circular issued by the Directorate of Panchayats to the village panchayats that they are not authorised to order lockdown or declare containment zone in their villages. The circular state that only respective Collectors are empowered to do so.

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Rosario Soares

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