Empty beer bottles in fields discourage Valshi farmers in Bicholim

बियरी मारतात, बाटल्यो शेवटितात, कोयर फाटल्यान आमकां?: दिवचल-नार्वेंच्या शेतकारांचो प्रश्न

21 May 2020 05:10 PM

Farmers in Valshi are inconvenienced as people come to the spring to have bath, but also drink beer and leave the empty bottles in the fields. Even though Valshi falls in the Bicholim municipal area, complaints to police have fallen on deaf ears.

When the lockdown was announced not only bars but liquor shops too were closed. But curbs on liquor outlets have been lifted now  and as a result of that people are allowed to buy beer and liquor. But some people, especially youngsters cannot drink liquor at home and and so go to isolated places. But after drinking they leave empty bottles and cans in the  fields.

Meanwhile a landlord and artiste Milind Barve  in Narve-Bicholim has uploaded a video clip on social media after getting fed up with the behaviour  of the youngsters. He says  youngsters trespass into his property  and have fun but leave a mess behind. 

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