Gandhi fought Shankaracharya, not Ambedkar: Ramchandra Guha

गांधी झुजलो शंकराचार्याकडेन, आंबेडकाराकडेन न्हयः रामचंद्र गुहा

08 Dec 2018 06:10 PM

India of 21st century today needs both Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Babasaheb Ambekar

They were not ideological rivals.

Gandhi was more hated by upper caste people and not the dalits.

Gandhi was also the most controversial leader of India, who was praised more outside India than in his own country. 

 These are the views expressed by eminent historian and Gandhi's biographer Dr Ramchandra Guha.

The ninth edition of Goa Arts & Literary Festival hosted Dr Guha to discuss his famous book on Gandhi, in conversation with David Gilmour.

He said Gandhi actually fought an ideological battle with Shankaracharya and not Dr Amedekar.

 According to Dr Guha, Gandhi fought two simultaneous battles – one against the British and second against his own country India.

Like Gautam Buddha, Gandhi was also hated by a section of Indians, but was loved outside India. 

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