Check kidney functions regularly to avoid kidney disease: Nephrologist

12 Mar 2020 05:42 PM

Around 60 per cent of kidney problems are related to diabetes, some of them are related to blood pressure, kidney stones and cancer. Nephrologist Dr Amol Mahaldar gave this information on World Kidney Day on Thursday.

March 12  is observed as World Kidney Day to create awareness about kidney diseases. Manipal Hospitals organised a function to observe the day. Around 850 million people  around the world are said to suffer from kidney disease and it is the fifth larget cause of deaths.


Eight steps to help prevent kidney disease:

            1. Drink sufficient water

            2. Remain active

            3. Eat healthy food

            4. Control BP

            5. Control BSL

            6. Quit smoking

            7. Stop pill popping

            8. Check kidney function 

Desk: Rosario Soares

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