22 Nov 2022 07:06 PM

The feast of St Francis Xavier will held be December 3. Novenas will begin from November 24, to December 2. There will be special buses to ferry passengers from Panaji to Old Goa via Ribandar. The vehicles carrying disable persons will be allowed to come up to Old Goa Church junction and park their vehicles in the GTDC parking lot.

On route from Panaji to Old Goa via Kadamba By-Pass, Panaji to Ponda Route buses are allow to proceed via Ribandar. They will be diverted at KTC Circle to proceed via Kadamba By-Pass (NH-748)

-          The two wheelers and four wheelers on reaching Kamat Gas Station junction will take a left turn towards Santa Monica Convent and on reaching at St. Augustine Tower junction will take a left turn and on reaching Habitat junction will take right turn and on reaching Dempo Engineering will take left turn to enter Bhakia property and parking

-          All heavy and medium vehicles will be diverted via Kadamba Bye-Pass NH-748. The new road connecting Kadamba By-Pass to Santan Church will be One - Way from Kadamba By-Pass towards Santan Church

-          Similarly, it will be “No Entry” for medium and heavy vehicles from both sides i.e. from Santan Church and from Kadamba By-Pass

-          On Saturday, Sunday and on the feast day, heavy and medium goods vehicles desiring to proceed via Old Goa will be diverted at Karaswada junction on NH-66 and at Banastarim Junction on NH-748 to proceed via Amona Bridge

-          For South Goa Vehicles the road from Pilar to Old Goa will be made One Way for the movement of traffic. No vehicle from Old Goa will be allowed to return via Neura

-          All vehicles shall exit via NH-748 at Merces or light vehicles can exit via new road to Santan Church. Four wheelers from South Goa shall be allowed to come up to Ella Farm Gate and will park in the Ella Farm Gate and in the Ella Farm Field, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Service open space


-          Two wheelers will be parked in the private property prior to Neura junction and in the parking lots behind the Bom Jesus of Basilica. Buses coming from South Goa via Neura road on reaching Ella Farm main gate will take a left turn and come to Bus Stand at Kunkolkar School Ground and will exit on NH-748 for onward journey.


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