Gulal celebrated at Zambaulim

13 Mar 2018 09:17 PM

Gulalutsav or the festival of colours was celebrated with pomp and amidst a sea of colour in Tuesday at Zambaulim.

Madgaokar predominantly as well as people from other parts celebrated gulal at Zambaulim on Tuesday.

The week-long celebration of Shigmo of which began Gulalotsav is one of the main festivals at Lord Damodar temple at Zambaulim attracts devotees not only from Goa, but also from Karnataka and other states.

The celebration began on March 8 with religious ceremonies and will conclude on March 15 with a ceremony called ‘Dhulpeth’

The celebration sees exchange of Gulal, collective meals and shows on popular legends and folk culture. 

Reporter: Sandeep Tuenkar | Desk: Glenn Costa

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