ESG creates confusion over IFFI tickets, offline quota is more, entry till last minute

25 Nov 2019 08:31 PM

Online booking of tickets for IFFI is not everything. The offiline quota is much more than that. And the delegates can get entry to watch the movie on the counters as well as against cancellation of tickets, till last minute. The ESG has clarified over the confusion of ticket bookings at IFFI.

 Ticket booking has been more systematic this time in last 15 years. But still there was confusion. Especially with online booking starting at midnight showing housefull immediately and cancellation of tickets

ESG CEO Amit Sateja informed that over 10,000 cards are printed and over 13,000 tickets issued till date. Minimum 7000 people have watched at least one movie in last five days.

 ESG vice chairman Subhash Phaldesai said they have received 400 entries for the short film competition Movie Mania. The Award ceremony is on 29th November. 

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