Gas Explosion Shakes Nairobi, At least 2 killed, Scores Injured

02 Feb 2024 07:19 PM

A gas explosion occurred in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, at around 11:30pm on Thursday resulting in the death of at least 2 people and injuring hundreds others. The explosion was reportedly caused by a truck loaded with gas, causing extensive damage to the surrounding area, with the plume of smoke visible from miles away.

The explosion occurred in the industrial area of Embakasi, setting off a massive fire that engulfed homes and warehouses. As per some reports, a flying gas cylinder hit a nearby warehouse containing garments and textiles, reducing it to ashes.

Several other vehicles and businesses were also charred in the massive inferno. Rescue operation was launched; however, authorities fear the death toll may rise as more people are discovered in the debris. According to the Kenya Red Cross, 271 individuals were evacuated to different health centers across Nairobi. 

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