Unseasonal rains affect paddy crop in Canacona

16 Nov 2021 06:29 PM

The unseasonal rains lashing Goa have not only disturbed normal lives but also damaged agriculture in State.

 Farmers normally wait for the monsoon for a good harvest but the unseasonal rains during the peak harvesting season have landed farmers from Gaondongri-Khotigao into troubled waters.

The Gaondongri-Khotigao farmers have started harvesting their paddy fields a week back. However, the unseasonal rains have made them scramble in a bid to save their harvests.

Farmers are worried how to protect their already harvested paddy and also the paddy which is yet to be harvested. Some farmers have covered their paddy bale in plastic but it still not helping.

If the rains continue to lash farmers will no longer able to harvest rice crop from paddy hay which would result spoiling crop as well as hay which used as fodder for animal. 

Reporter: Devidas Gaonkar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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