Police now ask restaurant owners to report drug use, assure anonymity

30 Nov 2022 06:42 PM

Drugs have been a thorn in the side for every successive government in the state. While Goa is undoubtedly a favorite amongst tourists, it is no secret that drugs have been an influencing part of their choice.

Despite several high-profile drug cases in the state, that garnered national attention, Police are still struggling to crack down on the rampant drug supply. Here’s how the police are now trying to bring drugs under control.

Anjuna police on Wednesday convened a meeting with seaside restaurant and pub owners after a Delhi womanwashospitalized due to alleged consumption of drugs at a club in Vagator. DySPJivba Dalvi later told the media that while the restaurant owners are not involved in it

itis their duty to inform the police of such incidents. Dy SP Dalvi urged pub and restaurant owners to help the police and assured them that their names would not be disclosed.

Jivba Dalvi further added that police are very serious about drugs in the state and that information is all that is needed by the force. 

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