Rent-a cab business hit to pvt vehicles

गाडयो भाड्यान दिल्ल्यान रेंट अ कॅबवाले संकटांत!

26 Oct 2021 05:05 PM

The rent-a-cab business in Goa has been hit as private vehicles are given on hire at cheap rates, which is complete illegal. Police should indentify these vehicles and crack down on them by imposing hefty fines, North Goa rent-a-cab association demanded.

The rent-a-cab owners said they have already facing problems as there is a sharp decline in tourism activity. Now, some people have started giving their private cars and bikes on rent leading to no business to rent-a-cab owners. 

Private cars and bikes are being given for rent as commercial vehicles by changing number plate of the vehicle to commercial once. Police should check documents of these vehicles, they demanded in a memorandum which was submitted to Calangute Traffic PI. 

Reporter: Sameep Narvekar

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