Bhandari samaj elects constituency-wise leaders

06 Jan 2019 08:39 PM

After the most hyped state level election of Goa Bhandari Samaj, the largest community of Goa has started appointing its taluka committees.

They have set a target to register one lakh members across the state. 

In spite of comprising of 36 per cent population of Goa, Bhandari community has never been politically strong body and their members are divided into different political parties.

But after taking over from Anil Hoble, new President Prakash Naik has started building the organisation at constituency level.

The first such taluka committee of Tiswadi was announced on Sunday, giving representation to all the five constituencies.

And the politicians belonging to the BJP spoke later. 

Desk: Bureau | Camera: Irshad Shaikh

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