Only 20,000 out of 1 lakh unemployed: CM on NITI AYOG data

10 Nov 2022 07:22 PM

Unemployment has been a major issue for the Sawant-led government since its re-election into power. The Chief Minister on Thursday however, said that upon verification of the central NitiAyog data on unemployment in the state, many irregularities were discovered wherein employed citizens had still maintained their unemployed status.

 The central NitiAyog which maintains data on unemployment revealed that 1.1lakh people were unemployed in the state. The data is based on citizens who declare themselves as unemployed. Chief minister Sawant however, stated that out of the 1.1lakh,

nearly 80,000 are employed in the private sector. He went on to add that many have retained their unemployed status in hopes of obtaining government jobs. Interestingly Sawant also stated that many government employees too have maintained their unemployed stature in hopes of securing higherposts in the government. The system will be updated to rule out such cases, heassured.  

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