Toilets, help desks, security rooms captured by shops in Calangute: GOA365 Investigate || GOA365

01 Feb 2023 06:48 PM

There is no surprise that illegalities are going on in full swing along the Calangute coastal belt. A tattoo shop and clothing store was accommodated in the public toilet built under the Swadesh darshan scheme of the central government.

 Our reporter Sameep Narvekar investigated the matter. Here’s a detailed report on the illegalities running rampant in Calangute.

A new tourist information center was built at Baga beach to provide information to tourists, but even this hasn’t been spared. An ice cream parlor has put up a ‘coming soon’ hoarding here. Similarly, a counter built for security guards now houses a shop. The only question now is- Who allowed such illegalities to flourish? 

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