Not earthquake, just shoddy work results in sinking Baga road

20 Jul 2021 06:37 PM

Its been raining heavily for the past few days. And in the midst of these rains roads at the famous tourist destination Baga have caved in at two spots along the main Baga road.

These roads were earlier dug to lay the sewerage pipeline.

Locals allege that the shoddy work of contractor has resulted in this, pointing fingers at the local MLA Michael Lobo and PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar for this.

Locals have had to undergo tremendous pain and hardship for almost a year during the laying of these pipelines as the roads were closed. And now this.

These caving ins are an old story, locals say. Last year the same stretch of road had caved in at Khobrawaddo during monsoon.

Now, it has moved a bit further to Sautawaddo. These are the visuals near government school at Sauntawaddo Baga.

Tourists into Baga are welcomed by this huge manhole. The road at this place had sunk on Monday night, which subsequently lead to a huge manhole in the road. The incident took place right where the chamber was placed.

The road kept collapsing and become a bottleneck for vehicles. The road was disappeared and vehicles had to literally drive over a footpath to get by.

One vehicle at a time. This led to traffic chaos in the area. Traffic police has been deployed for smooth movement of traffic.

Also the remaining road is starting to sunk in and vehicles are literally risking their lives while driving on this stretch.

Water supply in few houses too has been disrupted due to the incident.

This is an another example, a road has cracked and sunk near Candelria Chapel in Sautawaddo Baga.

The road is slowly sinking further and if heavy rains continues than it would turn into another sinkhole. This time near the government school.

There is no barricading just few twigs placed on road to caution motorist.

Two years back the road had sunk at same spot. But due to no proper repair works the history has repeated itself.

Locals question how this road will withstand the rains and loose mud in future?  

Reporter: Sameep Narvekar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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