No checking at Railway, Flights landing empty? Michael plans more to fight Coronavirus

16 Mar 2020 05:55 PM

While the Government and health authorities are going strict on Coronavirus precautions and safety of its people, but yet some places have been neglected. Looks like only the Airport is having the checking system for Coronavirus. As at the Railway stations people are roaming freely, no mask no sanitizers neither any check points. While Ports Minister plans to go more in dept in the coastal belt to curb the coronavirus. Watch this interesting story today on Goa365, and you will see how Coronavirus is being fought in the state.

Margao Railway station is seen without any checkpoint for the Coronavirus. National and international tourist using the railway are seen entering and existing without any checks neither with any safety measures. Concern citizens have raised their serious concerns over their safety.

While there is a decline in the tourist coming in to Goa. The passengers coming in ratio has declined, many of the charter flights have been cancelled while some are coming empty but going back full taking tourist back home. Airport Director Gagan Malik also said that the airport wont shut down.

On the other hand, Ports Minister and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said that Goa should go strict on checking of people entering into the state. He also said that like other countries door to door awareness is essential. 

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