Inspection to identify black spots on Kodar river held

बुडून मरपाच्यो सुवातो काडटले सोदून, काडटले उपाय : गोवा कॅन आनी सरकाराची जोड मोहीम

19 Jul 2021 06:56 PM

Three places have been identified along the Codar river which are black spots as far as drowning are concerned.

Officials say that people used to come to these spots for picnics and drowned as they were not aware of the water depths.

We'll come out on the permanent solution on this, Ponda deputy collector said.

The drowning incident in Ponda's Codar river has become a issue of grave concern.

After the GoaCan took a initiative Ponda deputy collector Pradeep Naik convened a meeting and decided to find out these black spots.

Accordingly, fire force, Police, agriculture department and excise officials along with deputy collector and GoaCan's Roland Martins conducted an inspection.

2 government and one private farm have been notified. Nessecary precautions would be takenat this spot, Pradeep Naik said.

Fire fighter officer Sushil Morajkar also gave his suggestions.

First we have started with Ponda Codar river, than Sal in Salcete and then Tar river in Bardez, GoaCan's Roland Martins said.

United Nations and WHO are marking World Drowning Prevention Day on 25 July. On this occasion awarness will be carried out in other talukas, he said.  

Reporter: Krishna Naik | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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