Digaband-Dharmapur locals claims slaughter waste being dumped into rivulet

न्हंयांतलें प्रदूशण आडायात : पॉल्युशन कंट्रोल बोर्ड, एफडीएक सप्तकाची मुजत

02 Dec 2018 06:42 PM

Water pollution in Goa has now become a major issue. Locals have raised serious concerns over the polluted water and also the lakes and ponds in Goa.

In South, Digaband-Dharmapur locals have raised ire over the slaughter houses for dumping their waste in Digaband rivulet.

While In North, Par river is flooded with garbage.

Both locals from North and South has demanded an immediate solution towards this menace.

Digaband local have alleged that concern departments have failed to take note of this issue after doing repeated follow-ups.

In 2017 Dharmapur panchayat had sent proposal to FDA requesting to take cognizance of garbage disposal by slaughter houses.

Recently, the issue was bought before Goa Pollution Control Board but there was no response.

Locals said water is heavily polluted and filthy smell is lurking in vicinity due to slaughter house dump.

Locals have demanded with FDA and Goa Pollution Control board to take action within 1 week.

In North, Par river is flooded with garbage.

This river water is actually used by several people in the village, but now this is has become a great concern.

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Mahesh Govekar | Editing: Bhakti Pai Balgi

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