Dhangars killed tigress & cubs as tigers were killing their cattle

वागिणीन गोरवांक माल्लें देखून धनगरांनी वागांक माल्लें

09 Jan 2020 09:05 PM

Yes, the tigress and their three cubs were poisoned, killed and buried. One of the three arrested Dhangars living in the forest has admitted it. And they did it because the tigress was killing their cattle, threatening their livelihood.

 Forest officials say rehabilitation is the only solution for this. Goa Forward alleges that Dhangars were not compensated in tike. The Youth Congress also gheraoed forest officials on this issue.

The forest officials went to the spot at Rave in Sattari in the Mhadei sanctuary to recover the fourth cub that was buried. Along with them were the doctors of Animal Husbandry who collected the samples. The officials had also taken the suspects Vitho Pavne and Mhalo Pavne.

They live in the jungles in three houses, isolated from the locality. They admitted of having poisoned the tigress and three cubs because they had killed their cattle, including a buffalo. Watch Vitho’s confession in front of the forest officials and the media on the spot.

Goa365 spoke to Additional Conservator of Forests, Santosh Kumar in this regard. He admitted that the wild cats had attacked and killed the cattle of Dhangars. But the solution to that is compensation and not killing the tigers.

He also admitted that his department is short-staffed to deal with the man-animal conflicts. And suggested that rehabilitation of the people living in forests is the ultimate solution to avoid such conflicts and killings. They have already arrested three Dhangars and one more arrest is expected.

  The political parties also flexed their muscles on the issue. The Youth Congress gheraoed Additional Chief Conservator of Forests Santosh Kumar, wearing masks of tigers and costumes of leopards. Goa Forward on the other hand alleged that Dhangars killed the tigers because they were not compensated in time in spite of filing complaints.


Reporter: Mahesh Govekar | Desk: Bureau | Camera: Shyam Chari | Editing: Bhakti Pai Balgi

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