Lack of supervision could be reason why roads have to be repaired again & again

16 Jul 2021 06:26 PM

The national highways in Goa are in pitiable condition. To travel on the NH 66 Western Bypass junction and NH 748 Borim bridge have become very risky for motorists especially for 2-wheelers and when it is raining.

Both the highways have exposed the lack of monsoon preparedness and shoddy work done by authorities.

Not only that, but the internal roads in villages and even cities is bad.

This is Borim bridge. This is another crucial bridge after the Zuari bridge especially as the Zuari bridge is not in very good condition and until the new 8 lane bridge is complete, the Borim bridge is handling the heavy traffic that would otherwise go over the Zuari bridge.

Heavy vehicles ply on this road to go to South Goa or to Karnataka as they are prohibited on Zuari bridge. However, the Borim bridge is not in good condition.

In many ways it looks even more feeble than the Zuari bridge. Repeated maintenance works are being on this bridge.

Craters are being seen on the bridge, as the tar has peeled off at many places. Even the steel rods are exposed, which look quite scary.

This is Western Bypass junction at Navelim. Here the western bypass meets national highway.

However, the whole system is very confusing for motorists as there is no circle at the junction. Just few drums placed on the road to guide vehicles.

During monsoon it has become quite a mess. Ironically, the patch work for this national highway was done some three months back.

However, following the heavy rains, the ashpalt has washed off and potholes are back again. This has exposed the quality of work done by the contractor and lack of supervision by the PWD.

Also a huge pond has appeared on the road. Vehicle have to carefully maneuver near this pond in bid to avoid serious tragedy.

This is the heart of Margao. The road leading to it is full of potholes. The patchwork was done before monsoon.

However, due to the heavy rains some patches have washed off. The potholes have now lined up along the road.

The gravel has come out of the potholes and loose gravel could lead to some serious mishaps for two-wheelers.

Ironically, this road is right opposite Margao Municipality building.   

Reporter: Krishna Naik | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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