Highway at Bambolim nightmare for commuters

23 Feb 2021 05:03 PM

The traffic on the highway at Bambolim especially opposite the Goa Medical College has turned into a mess. The ongoing construction work and the bottlenecks, the lack of service roads, lack of proper planning and signage has resulted into a perrinial traffic jam during most of the day.

This is NH 66 just opposite GMC. Both lanes of the highway are choc-a-block with vehicles. And this is a regular occurrence. Also lack of signage on the road makes life difficult for motorists especially tourists coming towards Panaji confuse on choosing road towards GMC or straight to the highway. While, coming from South its difficult to make out which road goes to Panaji.

Some vehicles mistakenly take Goa University highway.This was all about the highway.

Now look at this small road at the entrance to GMC. It is in bigger mess. The kiosks on both side of the narrow road narrow it even further. The jam and chaos becomes worse when vehicles stop on road to buy items from roadside vendors.

What do you feel

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