GOA BUDGET: Liquor & Land purchase to cost more, 26% more deficit than last year

06 Feb 2020 08:27 PM

Liquor would cost more, restaurant owners have to pay more and also becomes costly is buying the most precious land in Goa for housing. These are the highlights of the maiden budget Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant presented on Thursday. While stressing more on non-tax revenue, CM has estimated growth rate of GSDP at 8.6%.

The budget speech was initially disrupted by the opposition on the issue of arresting MLA Rohan Khaunte.

Speaker Rajesh Patnekar removed them from the House with the help of marshals.

These are the proposals of tax and non-tax revenue CM presented in the House.

CM told the House that his is a revenue surplus budget of 354 crore rupees.

And 84 crore more than last year. But after paying loans and debts, the budget document shows total fiscal deficit of 1857 crore rupees.

And it is 26 % more than the last year’s fiscal deficit. It was 1470 crore rupees.

Now 387 crore more. But government would mobilize only 150 crores through taxes and non-taxes like fees etc.

Means Goa would still fall short of 237 crores.

CM Dr Pramod Sawant also announced quite a few new schemes in different fields with special focus on mining resumption, medical & eco tourism, ease of living and ease of doing business.

Nobody is happy with this budget.

Neither the industry, tourism sector, agriculturists nor educationists and analysts.

To know their views in detail, watch our special debate with all these experts after this bulletin.

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