Ashtami fair from Tuesday; Strict enforcement of SOP during visarjan: Mayor

06 Sep 2021 07:17 PM

Corporation City of Panaji has appealed all Panajikars to strictly maintain social distance and follow SOP during the ganapati visarjan. The famous ashtami fair would be held from 7 till 10 September. While, the matoli market would be held with restriction, Mayor Rohit Monserrate said.

 CCP has released a set of rules for ganesh visarjan, ashtami fair and matoli market. The rules said social distancing is a must during immersions. And  only two people are allowed to accompany idols during visarjan. There is also a ban on fireworks. Visarjan should be carried out between from 5 pm till 10 pm, Mayor.  

Willaim Rodrigues for Goa 365 from Panaji. 

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