25 Dec 2022 06:59 PM

As humans continue their invasion of wildlife territory, animals are bound to stray into settlements. The balance of human-animal habitat has to be ensured

After the tragic death of a leopard that had been trapped in a snare, villagers in Kopardem have yet again spotted another leopard in the area. The villagers have alerted the forest department. The issue however runs a bit deeper.  

Kopardem sarpanch Sayaji Sawant on Sunday said that another leopard has been spotted in the village, with even a dog being snatched away by the beast.

The sarpanch has urged the forest department to safely trap and relocate the leopard away from the village before a similar incident, to that of the leopard killed by the snare is repeated.

 The earlier case of a leopard being killed by a snare had raised a major ruckus amongst the administration with forest minister Vishwajit Rane ordering an inquiry into the matter. While the people who lay out such traps are responsible, the forest department too plays a vital role in saving such animals.

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