Goa celebrated Eid – Ul - Fitr today

03 May 2022 07:57 PM

Goa celebrated Eid – Ul - Fitr today. Eid – Ul – Fitr is celebrated after holy month of Ramadan for Muslim brothers. Muslim Brothers in Goa showed a sense of social sensitivity by passing on the message that all Indians should leave in peace and harmony.

The celebration of Eid brings happiness among our Muslim brothers and sisters. Maulavi read the holy book and spread the teachings of Allah among the people to leave in peace and harmony. Eid celebrations were held all over Goa. It is believed that peace will continue in the country instead of hatred and disharmony. Watch the celebrations of Eid from Santa cruz and Merces.
watch the visuals from Margao Eid celebrations, where Muslims brothers prayed for the prosperity and happiness of the country while praying Namaz. Watch
 Namaz was offered at historic Safa Mosque of Ponda. Muslims brothers responded to the Azam given by Maulvi 


 Eid was celebrated in Vasco's Arabia Madrasa. Recently, there was confusion here so police force was present to avoid any tensions. Watch vasco eid ul fitr 

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