ZP highlights: Flying squads, angry officials and mile long banners

16 Oct 2022 07:07 PM

Bye-polls to the three ZP constituencies, Cortalim, Davorlim and Reis Magos saw a very slow start to the day with a fairly underwhelming voter turnout. However, a few incidents did occur over the course of the day forcing EC flying squads to intervene. Here are a few highlights from the poll day.

Cortalim ZP polls saw tussles between MercianaVazssupporters and another group over alleged violations of the model code of conduct. OlencioSimoes of the GoenchyaRaponkarachoEkvott,

charged that Merciana, wife of MLA AltoneVaz, had violated the code of conduct after an 8 feet long banner had been hoisted near a booth. Police had to intervene after one of the persons at the booth, enraged, charged towards Olencio.

Meanwhile, in Davorlim, RG supporters lashed out at the police after alleged wrongdoings in the polling procedure.

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